W.B. von Schlippe: Elementary Particle Physics

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Lecture 1: «Current State of High Energy Physics»
Lecture 2: «Properties if Elementary Particles»
Lecture 3: «Kinematics of Particle Collisions»
Lecture 4: «Kinematics (continued)»
Lecture 5: «Passage of Particles through Matter»
Lecture 6: «More on Passage»
Lecture 7: «LHC Experiments; Cross Section and Luminosity»
Lecture 8: «Elastic electron-proton scattering; Deep Inelastic Scattering»
Lecture 9: «Deep Inelastic Scattering; Scaling Violation»
Lecture 10: «Neutrino Physics, I»
Lecture 11: «Neutrino Physics, II; Symmetries: P, C, CP violation»

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CERN , DESY , FNAL , JINR, Dubna , Particle Data Group , IHEP, Protvino