Санкт-Петербургский государственный университет



March 1, 2005


An English-language scientific seminar was hosted by POISK Centre. The discussed topics included the acoustical aspects of the Leidenfrost effect (by Ilya Martchenko), the quantitative description for Magnus effect (by Ivan Yamshikov) and the hydraulic jump theory (by Dmitry Zhelezov).

The organizers of the Seminar were very surprised when most attendees announced that they didn’t need any interpretation. Moreover, the audience has actively participated in the English-language discussions on these challenging physical problems.

Dmitry Zhelezov’s report has covered his computer simulation of the hydraulic jump, an effect that has only recently achieved an affordable theoretical description, while thenon-stationaryaspects of hydraulic jump remain unclear.

Ilya Martchenko has analyzed the acoustic waves that may be generated by a droplet suspended above a hot surface. His videos and fascinating experiments with liquid nitrogen have enjoyed a very warm reception of the audience.

Dr. Igor Mašek, who has been supervising English-language courses at Saint Petersburg State University for many years, said this and other POISK Centre’s activities are of invaluable importance to promote physics and motivate students to learn languages.

«We see more and more attendees and participants at our Seminars. The reports are of great interest to everyone. That is wonderful», said Dr. Robert Kolalis, the POISK Centre’s jury chair.

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