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July 1, 2004


The Russian team wins bronze medals and ties for the 4th place overall, showing an outstanding result at the 17th International Young Physicists’ Tournament held in Brisbane, Australia (June24-July1, 2004).

The victory at such a prestigious international competition is a first international success for the POISK Centre, a Russian university-based organization founded to promote open intellectual scientific competitions and to provide support in professional selecting and supervising the participating Russian teams.

«We felt a strong need in using completely new ways of training and supervising Russian teams at IYPT. By 2004, there was an urgent need in a university-based educative and research centre that would help to select and prepare a competitive team. We have to admit that the performances of certain Russian teams at recent IYPTs were incompatible with the scientific potential of our country and the role that Russia used to play in developing YPT as a new institution and a new type of competition. The POISK Centre is very proud for the 2004 success and hopes to implement many plans in providing professional, transparent, well-organized system of training Russian teams», said Dr. Elena Lebedeva, the POISK Centre president.

The IYPT is an annual research competition for secondary school students in their ability to solve complicated scientific problems that do not have a known certain answer.

«In order to succeed at an international competition, all participants need outstanding skills in spoken and written English, but also in so called ’English for Special Purposes’, namely the language of science and physical terminology. These excellent skills were made possible due to contributions by Ilya Martchenko, a YPT-veteransince 1999 and, currently a very motivated IYPT-activist, team leader and secretary-general of the POISK Centre», Elena Lebedeva noted.

«Best congratulations to the Polish team and their enthusiastic team leader, Stanisław Lipiński. We are happy to retain a very friendly cooperation with them since 2001, when we had held a joint Physics school. In 2002, and now in 2004, the Polish teams were the gold winners at IYPT. Best congratulations also to all of participants, including the Slovak and German teams who did excellent reports and finally prevailed over us with a narrow margin», Ilya Martchenko said.

Recent victories at the selective YPT in Russia and the extraordinary success at IYPT would not be possible without invaluable support from professors and students at Saint Petersburg State University who helped in preparation and made current achievements possible: Dr. Robert Kolalis, Dr. Evgeny Denisov, Dr. Boris Borisov, Dr. Sergey Vlasenko, Dr. Roman Panin, Dr. Alexey Pirozersky, Dmitry Martchenko, Pavel Ulyanov, Artyom Rusanov. The POISK Centre expresses gratitude to Dr. Sergey Pivovarov (Akademicheskaya Gimnaziya) for his ongoing activities to promote YPT.

Team members:

  • Ivan Yamschikov
  • Dmitry Zhelezov
  • Arseny Lunyov
  • Evgeny Smirnov
  • Andrey Zheleznyakov

Team leaders:

  • Dr. Sergey Pivovarov
  • Dr. Elena Lebedeva

The POISK Centre, which is the Russian abbreviation for the Support Centre for Olympiads and Intellectual Competitions, collects unexpected and innovative ideas in physics teaching, provides practical assistance with preparation to different prestigious physics competitions and looks for new ways to reveal talented youth interested in scientific research.

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