July 6, 2005


A Physics Summer Camp was held at Baza Universitetskaya (near Vyborg, Russia) engaging the POISK Centre’s Russian IYPT’2005 team in a week (June30-July6, 2005) of intense studying, but also providing excellent resort facilities.

The aim of the Camp was to provide effective training in physics to the team of Russian secondary school students that will represent the country at the 18th International Young Physicists’ Tournament (in Winterthur, Switzerland). However, it involved several other participants, in order to provide introduction to university style teaching, to fascinating research-oriented problems and to the bases of ’English for Special Purposes’ that is necessary for communication with international physics enthusiasts.

Such an intensive training of course needs a little relaxation. All participants could recover themselves at unique resort facilities of Baza Universitetskaya, including the beautiful small lakes of the Karelian Isthmus.

«The experience of the training camp helped students to their improve skills in various aspects of a scientific communication, including the critical perception of own work and ability to hold a motivated discussion with an opponent. Final minor improvements to the research projects were made», said Ilya Martchenko, the POISK Centre secretary-general.

The trainers at the Camp were Dr. Elena Lebedeva, Ilya Martchenko and Arseny Lunyov. The future IYPT participants were Danila Savenkov, Andrey Uskov, Alexander Poretsky, Mikhail Walkowski, Dmitry Vedenko, Yury Kotov.

The POISK center wishes all students to do their best at IYPT and to keep their growing interest in physics.