January 8, 2006


Mikhail Lemarenko, an «IYPT-veteran» since 1997, a team leader in 2003, and a current postgraduate at ?cole Polytechnique (France), joins the Local YPT at Akademicheskaya Gimnaziya (January5—8, 2006) as a juror.

The Local Young Physicists’ Tournament is held annually in early January and currently welcomes secondary school students from most of Russia. The 2006 participants included teams from Inta (Northern Russia), Glazov (Western Siberia), Leningradskaya Oblast based Intellekt Centre, Pushkin (Saint Petersburg Region), and two teams from Saint Petersburg (of Akademicheskaya Gimnaziya).

The event targets to be more a like scientific conference than a competition. It aims to motivate students in their research projects, to exchange their ideas with other young men with same interests and, overall, to develop interest in physics and natural sciences.

The Local YPT encourages students to apply their knowledge to solve research-oriented tasks, to develop skills of presenting themselves at scientific conferences and seminars, to develop teamwork skills.

The number of participants from different regions of Russia increases every year. It indicates a serious interest in such a preparatory and educative Tournament.