November 11, 2005


Secondary school students from North-Western Russia met at the training Autumn Physics Conference hosted by POISK Centre on November 11, 2005.

Teams of Akademicheskaya Gimnaziya (Saint Petersburg) and Intellekt Centre (Leningradskaya Oblast) together with individual participants from Archangelsk, Saint Petersburg met at the conference hall of Department of Physics, Saint Petersburg State University.

The students had an opportunity to present their research projects and discuss the problems of 2008 Young Physicists Tournaments. The jury consisted of professors and undergraduate students of Saint Petersburg State University and Intellekt Centre teachers.

Six most developed tasks were reported: No. 7 «Airglider» by Vadim Vorobyov (Archangelsk), No. 10 «Inverted pendulum» by Andrey Selivanov, No. 5 «Probability» by Danila Savenkov, No. 3 «Duck’s cone» by Evgeniya Gorokhova. The Intellekt Centre students have reported problem No. 6 «Wet cleaning» and No. 5 «Probability».

Andrey Selivanov was reported to have presented the best report, providing a fundamental theoretical and experimental study of problem ’Inverted Pendulum’. More experienced Saint Petersburg students won the first place for reports. However, the guests took the lead in opposition.

A great achievement of the event was the large number of questions and topics for scientific conversation. It united the participants and became a stimulus for further conferences. The reports have resulted in hot discussions and attracted a lot of attention and interest from the audience.