February 15, 2007


The POISK Centre has hosted the Russian-Polish Physics School for secondary school students (February13—15, 2007), involving many participants from Russia and from Stanis?aw Staszic lyceum (Poland), gold winner at IYPTs in 2002 and 2004. English was the official language.

The Polish delegation included Jolanta Szałkowska, Katarzyna Madej, Łukasz Mazurek, Marcin Andrychowicz, Hubert Marlikowski, Tomasz Odrzygóźdź, Wojciech Porczyk, Aleksiej Khrabrov and Andrzej Findeisen who were accompanied by Jan Gutt and Agnieszka Budek (students at the Department of Physics, Warsaw University), Stanisław Lipiński (professor at the Warsaw-based Stanisław Staszic lyceum) and Anna Lipińska (researcher at the Polish Academy of Sciences).

Russian participants included Vadim Vorobyov (Archangelsk), Alexey Schekochikhin (Orel), Alexander Kanivets (Saint Petersburg), Yury Zemlyansky (Tver), Polina Kakin (Saint Petersburg) and Andrey Selivanov (Saint Petersburg).

Jurors at the seminars included Dr. Robert Kolalis, Dr. Igor Mašek, Dr. Boris Borisov, Dr. Alexey Pirozersky, Dr. Evgeny Denisov, Ilya Martchenko, Pavel Ulyanov, Ivan Yamschikov, Andrey Uskov, Yury Sedov.

The 2007 Physics School has followed a long tradition of such joint seminars. The previous Polish visit to Saint Petersburg was on November30-December3, 2001, before POISK Centre was officially founded.

Despite the language regulation, at the opening of the seminar, Ilya Martchenko (POISK Centre) has intrigued the Polish guests by making a report in Polish, while he was not reported to know this language before. «This curious introduction gave a strong impetus to the whole event», Ivan Yamschikov noted.

During the seminars of the Physics School, both Polish and Russian participants have presented their research works.

Two of these reports were made by students trained at the POISK Centre (on the YPT problems ’Rheology’ by Alexey Schekochikhin and ’Razor blade’ by Andrey Selivanov, students at Saint Petersburg-based Akademicheskaya Gimnaziya).

The other two reports were presented by students from Stanis?aw Staszic Lyceum in Warsaw, a leading Polish secondary school (’Slinky’ by Hubert Marlikowski and Tomasz Odrzygóźdź and ’Steam boat’ by Katarzyna Madej).

Each of the reports was followed by discussion and opposition. Jurors have later announced the best report was presented by Katarzyna Madej (Warsaw) and the best opposition was made by Vadim Vorobyov (Saint Petersburg).

However, the motivation to discuss these challenging problems was exceeding the time limits of the first seminar, and a lot of scientific problems were discussed after, on the second and third days of this Physics School.

«We have gained a lot of experience during that conference. We have seen what an YPT stage looks like and we have much expanded our knowledge. Moreover, we had an invaluable occasion to make acquaintances with Russians and to discuss the Tournament’s problems. Ilya has helped us especially; we have developed a solution to one of the problems completely due to his advices. Definitely, we will never forget this event which has not only educated us, but has provided many impressions», said the Polish delegation in their press-release.