Санкт-Петербургский государственный университет



December 16, 2006


Individual participants and teams from North-Western and Central Russia gathered at the training Winter Physics Conference hosted by POISK Centre.

During the training conference, the teams of secondary school students (from Physical and Mathematical 239 Lyceum, Akademicheskaya Gimnaziya and Leningradskaya Oblast-based Intellekt Centre) and individual participants from Archangelsk, Tver, Puchezh, Orel, Vyborg, Saint Petersburg, Kazan have discussed selected research problems in physics.

The aim of the conference was to help in preparation to the Young Physicists’ Tournaments of 2007, to promote research in experimental and theoretical physics among students and to develop their skills in active scientific communication. The training Winter Physics Conference was one of the events that will help to select and nominate the YPT team by 2007.

As at a typical Physics Fight, the participants presented their research projects (of 2007 problems). Another team discussed their solution and proposed oppositions

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