June 17, 2007


Many secondary school students and the POISK Centre’s YPT team have stayed at the Physics Summer Camp at Baza Universitetskaya (near Vyborg, Russia) on June11—17, 2007. They had a good chance to study physics, improve their language and communication skills and prepare to participation in future international competitions.

The annual Physics Summer Camp is organized by POISK Centre since 2005. It is an effective opportunity to select and train many Russian secondary school students to summer conferences and future competitions in physics.

The primary aim was however to train the Russian National team to the International Young Physicists’ Tournament (IYPT) before the competition starts. The need in such training is of great importance because the participants can make final improvements in their presentations and research projects, get final advices from university researchers and professors, and improve their communication and teamwork skills.

This year’s camp was unexpectedly well-motivated and productive. New participants from different Russian cities included Pavel Kirillov (Archangelsk), Alexey Schekochikhin (Orel), Bożena Baranowska (Saint Petersburg), Andrey Seryakov (Puchezh), Sergey Peganov (Saint Petersburg), Lev Spodyneyko (Saint Petersburg), Polina Kakin (Saint Petersburg), Svetlana Zemlyanskaya (Tver).

«The time in the camp ran fast and we had a saturated program. At first, we had a lot of practice in English (and in other European languages). I also got a lot of experience in opposition and in expressing myself (declamation and speaking loudly). In computer class, we learned data processing in Origin, learned TeX, and learned how to make an excellent presentation, so one could say that we worked in extreme conditions. Besides, I liked it a lot. I got much new information in physics and in YPT and hope to become an active participant next year», said Pavel Kirillov.

An extraordinary feature of the camp is that attendees always enjoy a complete immersion in the physics world, being able to communicate with many University professors of physics and researchers in physics (who visit Baza as a resort facility to swim, relax or play ping-pong). Quite evidently, university physicists initiated many scientific discussions and were always open to help with any necessary advice.

«We believe the fascinating educational programs at POISK Centre are very important to encourage YPT participants to choose active strategies needed to have deep knowledge in physics and an open-mind approach to their research projects», noted Ilya Martchenko, the POISK Centre secretary-general.

«The success of such a camp in 2005 and 2006 was obvious. That is why this camp is now a tradition for POISK Centre. We are sure that this camp is one of the important aspects in preparing and supervising strong and well-prepared Russian participants, at IYPT and at other competitions in physics. The language programs play a very important role. An excellent English language is very important in presenting and defending their solutions in physics», said Dr. Elena Lebedeva, the POISK Centre president.

The Camp takes place at Baza Univesitetskaya, a resort facility located in 40 km from Saint-Petersburg (on the route to Vyborg and Helsinki) in the native pine forests and between many beautiful small lakes.