October 18, 2005


A new videoconference allowed school students from Chelyabinsk (Eastern Russia) and Saint Petersburg to discuss the new year’s YPT problems.

The videoconferences of this type are organized by POISK Centre and theK-108 Studio and target to provide an opportunity for secondary school students to discuss their research projects with peers from other Russian cities or abroad.

The participants also practice the YPT opposition stage, discussing the validity of results obtained by their colleagues, stressing the advantages and drawbacks of their researches. Such skills will be very important at the Local YPT scheduled to take place on January5—8, 2006, and at further National and International Tournaments.

Among others, Yury Prokhorov (Saint Petersburg) has presented his study on the probability distributions when a coin is dropped from little height. His colleague from Chelyabinsk has reported the possibility to heat with a steam an aqueous salt solution to temperatures above 100 0C.

«A real Physics Fight at the selective Russian tournament is indeed a fight. But today we enjoyed a nice conversation with our colleagues thousands miles away. I can’t say I’ve used to such a curious experience», said Alexander Kanivets, a participant.

The participants and the jurors from both cities have enjoyed very motivated discussions and learned more about sophisticated physical phenomena.

«Our strategy of holding regular preparatory seminars, open conferences and the videoconferences, like today, is an important step in development of Young Physicists’ cooperation all over the country. It will help us to select a most able team and nominate it to IYPT», said Dr. Elena Lebedeva, the POISK Centre president.