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March 19, 2005


The team selected and supervised by POISK Centre wins gold at the selective Vserossiysky Turnir Yunykh Fizikov (Young Physicists’ Tournament) held on March14—19, 2005, in Moscow and continues preparation to the IYPT.

Held in Moscow, this year’s Vserossiysky Turnir Yunykh Fizikov (March14—19, 2005) has involved 11 teams.

The finals were held at the Department of Physics, Moscow State University. The team of Akademicheskaya Gimnaziya (supervised by POISK Centre) has enjoyed a warm reception from jurors and, after an excellent presentation of their solution to problem #9 «Noise», confirmed its leadership, winning gold at the tournament.

The team of Zarechny (Central Russia) has emotionally noted that the POISK’s team «was just irresistible with their logical and precise theoretical model and experimental study».

The team was at the top of the ranking list throughout selective fights. The victory at the competition means that the team is nominated to represent Russia at IYPT, scheduled to take place on July14—21, 2005, in Winterthur, Switzerland.

The POISK Centre expresses gratitude to the POISK Centre’s jury chair Dr. Robert Kolalis for his invaluable help in team training, but also to many professors and university students for their ongoing help and support: Dr. Robert Kolalis, Dr. Alexander Kurdyumov, Dr. Pyotr Zanadvorov, Dr. Valentin Ostrovsky, Dr. Evgeny Denisov, Dr. Sergey Vlasenko, Dmitry Martchenko, Ivan Yamschikov, Pavel Ulyanov, Alexander Nelyubov and overall Dr. Sergey Pivovarov (Akademicheskaya Gimnaziya).

Congratulations to team members:

  • Mikhail Walkowski (captain)
  • Dmitry Vedenko
  • Alexander Poretsky
  • Danila Savenkov
  • Andrey Uskov

And to their team leaders and advisors:

  • Dr. Elena Lebedeva (Saint Petersburg State University)
  • Ilya Martchenko (Saint Petersburg State University)

Ответственный за содержание: специалист управления по связям с общественностью С. С. Смирнова, s.s.smirnova@spbu.ru