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March 22, 2008


Dr. Evgeny Yunosov and many physics enthusiasts who were tightly connected to early Soviet and International Young Physicists’ Tournaments but stepped away from their activities, celebrate the 30th year of YPT in Russia. POISK Centre, which enjoys the largest base of popular support, discusses many aspects of early YPTs and IYPTs with YPT enthusiasts, takes interviews, establishes new contacts and acquaintances, attracts new members and shares opinions on the future development. One half (4 of 8) teams in the premium league of the selective Vserossiysky Turnir Yunykh Fizikov have earlier joined the POISK Centre’s educational programs. The preparation to further conferences and competitions continues.



Evgeny Yunosov

For the first time since 1999, the founder of YPT and IYPT Dr. Evgeny Yunosov joined the Physics Fights as a juror.

Ekaterina Malysheva, an observer at the competition, describes her impressions of Dr. Evgeny Yunosov.

«I first met Evgeny Nikolaevich Yunosov at the opening ceremony of the Vserossiysky Turnir Yunykh Fizikov on March 17, 2008. My very first Physics Fight at this competition was chaired by this extraordinary and very modest person.

When other jurors introduced themselves, they mentioned their positions and titles. Yunosov pronounced his name, made a short pause, and added, «a retiree».

Yunosov started with the Captain’s Contest to determine the sequence of roles in a Physics Fight. He took a rubber ball and proposed to estimate the approximate values for every of its physical parameters, such as mass, density, Young’s modulus etc. The captains did not expect such a curious question and could provide only a few estimations.

The Physics Fight continued easily and joyfully. The teams joked, the jurors, including Evgeny Nikolaevich, smiled, and the team leaders did not worry for their teams, as at other Physics Fights. The atmosphere was happy.

When I moved to [another auditorium], the first thing I noticed was entirely different atmosphere. One of the team leaders called it «a depression». After a while, the teams and jurors mixed, and the second Physics Fights started.

This time, Evgeny Yunosov again managed to maintain an atmosphere of an optimistic holiday. He smiled during all the stages and asked questions to every team.

I saw him again at the closing ceremony. Despite everything, he smiled and looked happy».


POISK Centre now opens a genuinely new page of its activities by establishing close contacts with Dr. Evgeny Yunosov, who played a central role in founding the YPT in 1979, was the key supporter, activist and organizer of the competition in 1980s, launched the IYPT in 1988 and remained its vice-president until 1998.


POISK Centre-affiliated teams in the Premium League of the VTYF

Team of Akademicheskaya Gimnaziya-1:

  • Alexei Schekochikhin (Orel, Southern Russia), captain
  • Pavel Kirillov (Archangelsk, Northern Russia)
  • Anton Kononov (Tikhvin, Leningradskaya Oblast)
  • Andrei Seryakov (Puchezh, Volga region)
  • Lev Spodyneiko (Metallostroi, Leningradskaya Oblast)

Team leaders:

  • Dr. Elena Lebedeva, Saint Petersburg State University
  • Ilya Martchenko, Saint Petersburg State University

Team of Akademicheskaya Gimnaziya-2:

  • Polina Kakin (Saint Petersburg), captain
  • Anton Eliseev (Dedovichi, Pskovskaya Oblast, Western Russia)
  • Dmitry Raev (Saint Petersburg)
  • Natalya Zaitseva (Omsk, Siberia)

Team leaders:

  • Pavel Ulyanov, Saint Petersburg State University
  • Andrei Uskov, Saint Petersburg State University

Team of Physico-Mathematical Lyceum 30

  • Alexander Bogatsky, capitan
  • Elli Ivanova
  • Liana Lomidze
  • Georgy Oblapenko
  • Nikita Mikhailov

Team leaders:

  • Dmitry Luzin, Saint Petersburg State University
  • Ekaterina Mikhailova, Saint Petersburg State University

Team of Physico-Mathematical Lyceum 239

  • Alexander Permagorov, capitan
  • Kuzma Mamatov
  • Filipp Matveyev
  • Anton Rykachevsky
  • Arkady Shagal

Team Leaders:

  • Sergey Efimov, Saint Petersburg State Polytechnical University
  • Dmitry Veresov, Saint Petersburg State University

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