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April 23, 2008


Dr. Evgeny Yunosov, the founder of YPT and IYPT, names the author of the IYPT logo and makes brief remarks on the competition.


I.M. Who is the author of the YPT logo with armed knights, shields and horses? As far as I know, the logo first appeared in early 1980s. It is used so far by almost any YPT-related Organizing Committee and Association.

E.Y. Oh, the author is Babaev, from the Department of Physics, Moscow State University. He has drawn these horses by hand.

I.M. In brief words, how would you define the idea behind the Young Physicists’ Tournament?

E.Y. Well, the Tournament, as any growing living organism, had both positive aspects and disadvantages. I am familiar with both. So, if I shortly characterize the Tournament, I would say that the Tournament is an action that produces an anomalously high concentration of talented people on a single location.

I.M. Will it be possible to discuss with you the historical development of early YPTs in an extended interview?

E.Y. Of course, it will be my great pleasure. The history of YPT is a detective story, in a large extent.

I.M. Thank you. Your opinion and your experience are invaluably supportive for today’s IYPT community.

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