May 24, 2005


Ilya Martchenko wins at the finals of the ’Scientific Inquiry’ Olympiad, held on May 24, 2005 at POISK Centre.

The finals of the ’Scientific Inquiry’ Olympiad have concluded many seminars and selective stages. On May 24, 2005, three university students who had obtained the best results at the selective rounds presented their new research projects.

All three final reports have raised high interest of the jury and the audience. The detailed discussion has proven that the participants not only succeeded to explorenon-trivialphysical processes, but also to provide comprehensive theoretical explanation and defend their work on public. The discussion between professors and students after the reports was enormously helpful and has clarified the details of performed work and the plans for the further work.

Ivan Yamschikov has presented a research on the aerodynamics of boundary layers and the lift force during unstable circulation. The work by Arseny Lunyov concerned quite unexplored physical features of insects’ flight (asymmetrical oscillations of insects flight). Ilya Martchenko has presented his research on the Raleigh-Taylor instability and unstable behavior of liquid interfaces. Ilya Martchenko managed not only to propose an original theoretical approach to this beautiful phenomena but also to prove the correlation of his theory to experimental data, carefully analyzing the validity of the results.

After each report the participants have briefly analyzed pros and cons of their peer’s works. These discussions were also graded by the jury according to the rules of the competition. The difference in scores was very little and some judges wanted to award each of the finalists with a first prize.

«Many famous physicists: Bohr, Rutherford, Born, Heisenberg, Feynman, were interested in experiments when they were young. I will be very glad to know that in the future my students will invent something extraordinary», said Dr. Robert Kolalis, the jury chair.

«During past year, the POISK Centre’s achievements were very high. We have involved into research practices even the first-year students. The gained experience will be very important in their future life. Our seminars have helped them to strengthen their skills needed in diploma defense and further researches. We are glad that the Saint Petersburg State University has fully supported our activities», noticed Dr. Elena Lebedeva, the POISK Centre president.

«This competition helps to develop an active position in life and science», said Ilya Martchenko, the winner. «I have learned a lot in physics and mathematics and, moreover, in skills of public performance and in making my report clear and comprehensive. The ’Scientific Inquiry’ Olympiad requires heavy preparation but, as we can see, many students were not afraid of it».

«The finals enjoyed a very motivated atmosphere and both reports and discussions were of the greatest level. We are all eager to see the new problems at the beginning of the next POISK Centre’s Olympiad», an official statement said.

The finalists were awarded with diploma and valuable prizes.

The results of the final:

POISK Centre welcomes students to participate in the next year’s Olympiad.