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October 26, 2006


The POISK Centre has hosted an annual General Physics section at the ’Physics and Progress’ young scientists’ conference at Saint Petersburg State University (October24—26, 2006).

The Conference has been organized by the Department of Physics, Saint Petersburg State University, and had 8 sections on different areas of theoretical and experimental physics. The POISK Centre’s section on General Physics was less limited in topics of the research and was dedicated to research problems in complicated unexplored physical phenomena. That made the meeting interesting not only for a few specialists, but for a bigger audience. Numerous attendees at the section have considerably inspired the discussions.

Most reports were made in English as it was the official language at the section. The conference targeted to motivate participants in research work and among attendees and reporters were many second or first year university students, but also postgraduate students. Andrey Uskov, Alexander Poretsky, Ilya Martchenko, Dmitry Martchenko, Andrey Selivanov, Ivan Yamschikov were among participants.

«During the conference, the participants have found new ways of improving their further works. More and more students join the POISK Centre activities and participate in its Olympiads. That indicates the growing interest in the activities that enable students to collaborate directly with university researchers. The opportunity to publish their results is also important», considered Dr. Elena Lebedeva, the POISK Centre president.

The abstracts book and the proceedings book are available here.

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