Санкт-Петербургский государственный университет



March 27, 2004


Recently founded POISK Centre clarifies its goals and strategies as Saint Petersburg State University hosts the selective Vserossiysky Turnir Yunykh Fizikov (Young Physicists’ Tournament) in Akademicheskaya Gimnaziya on March 22—27, 2004.

The Young Physicists Tournament (YPT) was first created by Evgeny Yunosov as an alternative to traditional Olympiads in physics. The tasks are proposed by International Organizing Committee (IOC IYPT) and do not have a predetermined unique answer.

When working on the tasks, secondary school students explore open scientific problems that require deep experimental and theoretical analysis of various physical phenomena. The participants have to defend their solutions against «opponents» at «Physics Fights», an analogy to a seminar or a scientific conference. However, the presentations at these seminars are graded by jury.

All in all, the Tournament has attracted 13 teams, more than it was typical in recent years. These teams were from Arzamas, Inta, Khanty-Mansiysk, Moscow, Novodvinsk, Pushkin, Saint Petersburg, Stavropol, Yekaterinburg, Zarechny.

This year’s selective event was hosted by Saint Petersburg State University. Venues for preliminary selective fights were in Peterhof (at Akademicheskaya Gimnaziya), while the finals took place on the Karelian Isthmus (at Baza Universitetskaya, a resort facility of Saint Petersburg State University, near Vyborg).

The jury included many team leaders and professors of leading Russian universities: Dr. V. Shamanin, Dr. Alexander Kurdymov, Dr. Robert Kolalis, Dr. Zinovy Uritsky, Dr. Elena Lebedeva, Dr. Boris Borisov, Dr. Sergey Pivovarov, Dr. Evgeny Denisov, Dr. Roman Panin, Dr. Vyacheslav Bozhevolnov, Dr. Sergey Vlasenko, Olga Inisheva, K. Shusharichev, A. Mukhachev, Elena Zauzolkova, N. Zhdanova, Nina Kusheverskaya, Igor Borodin, Dr. V. Vyun.

Dmitry Zhelezov (Saint Petersburg), Andrey Zheleznyakov (Staraya Russa, a member of Saint Petersburg team), Evgeny Kuznetsov (Yekaterinburg), Anton Teptsov (Inta), Andrey Naryshkin (Moscow), Arseny Lunyov (Saint Petersburg) were awarded for best individual ratings.

In the finals, held at Baza Universitetskaya, the three leading teams could choose their problems, without challenge procedure (required at a selective Physics Fight).

Team of Saint Petersburg, trained throughout2003—2004 by Dr. Elena Lebedeva and Ilya Martchenko, has won gold, while teams of Moscow and Yekaterinburg were awarded with silver. Teams from Saint Petersburg and Moscow are now nominated to represent the country at IYPT in Brisbane, Australia (scheduled to take place on June24-July1, 2004).

The Saint Petersburg State University and the POISK Centre express gratitude to everyone who made the organization of this competition possible.

An intense preparation and training of the Russian IYPT representatives begins.

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