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October 27, 2007


A preparatory meeting focused on the preparation to the Young Physicists’ Tournaments of 2008, including the keynots and a training Physics Fight, took place on October 27, 2007 in the Physico-Mathematical Lyceum 239 (Kirochnaya ulitsa,8-a, Chernyshevskaya metro station, Saint Petersburg).

Dr. Nafisa Kumachyova, the head of the Physics Centre of the Lyceum 239, has warmly welcomed the participants of the event.

The 5 participating teams included the team of Physico-Mathematical Lyceum 239, two teams of Akademicheskaya Gimnaziya (from Peterhof and from Pereulok Kakhovskogo) and two teams from Pushkin, who were observers.

During the Physics Fights and at the following sessions, each of the teams has presented two reports on the different YPT problems. The reports were followed by oppositions and reviews made by other teams.

The reporters included Kuzma Mamontov, Andrei Zolotin and Alexei Rubtsov from the team of Lyceum 239; Polina Kakin and Pavel Kirillov from the team of Akademicheskaya Gimnaziya-Peterhof; Lev Spodyneiko and Andrei Seryakov from the team of Akademicheskaya Gimnaziya-Pereulok Kakhovskogo.

Dmitry Efimov and Segrei Veresov, former YPT participants and actual leaders of the team of Lyceum 239, said that «the competition is extremely interesting for students, therefore more and more of them are actively involved in the preparation».

«I hope that such regularwarm-upconferences help to motivate students and to give them a great occasion of discussion their actual results in a calm friendly atmosphere. Direct feedback from the university professors is something very important and I hope that we will have a chance to see each other again very soon», said Dr. Robert Kolalis, the jury chair.

Individual scores and ratings will help to select and nominate best combined teams in 2008. The final team ratings for October 27, 2007 are:

  1. Akademicheskaya Gimnaziya-Stary Peterhof 41.75
  2. Physico-Mathematical Lyceum 239 36.5
  3. Akademicheskaya Gimnaziya — Pereulok Kakhovskogo 35.75

Best reporter: Polina Kakin, team of Akademicheskaya Gimnaziya-Stary Peterhof

Best opponent: Alexei Schekochikhin, team of Akademicheskaya Gimnaziya-Stary Peterhof


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