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June 29, 2007


The POISK Centre has hosted the 3rd open scientific conference ’Bases of Experiment and Physical Process Modeling’ (June 25—29, 2007) which involved high-school students and teachers from North-Western Russia. The conference, with more than 30 participants, had two sections, for experimental physics and for computer modeling of physical processes.

A fascinating lecture by Dr. Nikolai Kryukov at the opening ceremony and continuous support from Dr. Robert Kolalis have possibly stimulated remarkable motivation of participants. The jury was very pleased with enormous interest in discussed topics, feedback from the audience and very active discussions. Dr. Natalya Grigoryeva, juror, noted that such a motivation is not common even when a PhD candidate defends his dissertation before a panel of expert examiners.

Andrey Selivanov was ranked first for his study of physical processes underlying the motion of razor blade on water surface in presence of external electrostatic fields.

The second place was shared by Dmitry Efimov and Sergey Veresov for their study of colliding water jets and by Daniil Sorokin for his study of possibility to process physical data on both CPU and GPU.

The third place was shared by Andrey Andreev with his report on «The solution of model problems for the motion of systems with rotating masses», by Alexander Kanivets with his report on rheological properties of soft mud and by Lev Spodyneyko with his study of pop-popboat (propulsed by a candle and a tubing with two open ends immersed into water).

«The conference targeted to encourage participants in making their reports in English, and a significant number of participants accepted the significance of such language skills in their research career», said Ilya Martchenko, juror.

Alexey Shekochikhin was awarded for most profound study presented in English. Pavel Kirillov was awarded for the most motivated English-language presentation.

«We are very glad to see different schools interested in our conference. The support from the department of computational physics in organizing the second section was also remarkable. Next ’Bases of Experiment and Physical Process Modeling’ conference is scheduled to be held in June, 2008», said Dr. Elena Lebedeva, the POISK Centre president.

The abstracts book is already published and the proceedings book will be available soon.

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