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MOOC on Plasma Physics of EPFL

The CRPP / EPFL is presenting the first Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on plasma physics and its applications, including fusion energy, astrophysical and space plasmas, societal and industrial applications.
This course will provide you with a basic knowledge of plasma physics and of its applications, which will enable you to understand some of the most important phenomena in space and astrophysics, how plasmas can be used in industry, and how we can achieve fusion on earth to contribute solving the problem of energy in sustainable development.

The course will start on May 1st.
You may register at the Official EDX web site

What you'll learn:
* basic knowledge of plasma physics and of the different models to describe plasmas
* vision of different applications of plasmas
* understanding of the fusion energy challenge, and acquisition of the basis for developing an overall vision of the different R&D elements
* understanding of the main plasma societal applications and of the relevant tools
* vision and appreciation of the importance of plasmas in space and astrophysics

More information at:
- News on CRPP / EPFL web site
- Video presentation of the course


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